Echi Ga Akanma- Uzochi Okereafor


Uzochi Okereafor, a sensational Nigerian gospel singer and songwriter, from Nigeria, makes his music debut with the amazing song “Echi Ga Akanma (Tomorrow Will Be Better).”

“Echi Ga Akanma”, I discovered that some people commit suicide due to frustration, a lack of faith, some people believe that some problems don’t have a solution and give up, while others believe that the best solution to their problem is for them to take their lives, so I try to let them know that taking their lives is never the best solution, any light that will ever shine brighter must shine from darkness, and there is no glory without a story. (2cor 4 .6)

Meanwhile, suicide is only an option for the purposeless, and it is a possibility for the hopeless. Nobody should kill himself or herself because tomorrow will be better.

Not to mention that you must listen to this fantastic popular song.

Listen in and leave a comment!

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Published on: October 6, 2022. at: 3:27 am

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