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Our list of packages, our process, and our prices are listed below.


We offer four (4) different packages: 

  1. BASIC PACKAGE -(4,000)
  2. STANDARD PACKAGE -(10,000)
  3. PREMIUM PACKAGE -(18,000)
  4. PRO PACKAGE -(25,000)

🛑 BASIC PACKAGE -(4,000)
✅Get your song or music video on for as little as N4000
and also on Google search engine.. will be able to download

✅By Promoting your Music On Ituneplay, you’re sure to reach a wide range of Nigerian and African Audience who Loves and are Interested in Music And Entertainment.
👉Your song continues to appear on our home page, where visitors hear it before any other songs.

✅– To increase the number of streams, we will promote your song on AudioMack and then embed the code there.


🛑 As an artist, you will gain more from this package.

✅-Your song or video gets published on, and 15 other sites, such as Audiomack, Spotify, Boomplay, Deezer, Amazon Music, etc., with this package. and gets a 2days sponsored advert on your Instagram page for N15,000. Also includes a 2days hype.

✅Your song will be monetized on Facebook, Tiktok and Instagram so that users can use it in their stories on those platforms.

🤝The Premium is a special package designed to fulfill every musician’s desire.

🛑 PRO PACKAGE -(25,000)

✅Your song or video gets published on, 30 other sites and gets a 2days sponsored advert on your IG. It also includes hype for 2days

✅A third-party account will be made just for you, allowing you to keep an eye on your streams and earnings.

✅Your song will be licensed, allowing you to access 100% of the money you make from all online stores.
As part of the Premium package, we will also make a quick video for you that includes the artwork for your music and the fanlink you generated.

✅I assume you like this package, but you should be aware that in order to profit more from it, you must have a sizable fan base. This package includes both distribution and promotion.

✅For everyone who purchases this package, we also create a fanlink, and it is also expected that you distribute your fanlink to others because the more streams you have, the more money you will make.

👉Artwork Editing: We can create an artwork for you if you have none (N2000)

NOTICE: Digital stores where your song has been distributed, not iTunes Play, are the platforms that will compensate you for your song’s streams.


  1. Ituneplay Music only uses email addresses ending in or; neither Gmail nor Yahoo are used.
  2. You can reach us at just two different numbers: 09046451838 and 08035586049. Please make sure you are speaking with the number above when chatting with anyone about promotion on iTunes; otherwise, you are on your own.
  3. Payment for iTunes Music is only accepted through UBA Bank, with the bank name “Uchendu Chibueze.”

WARNING: Please avoid dealing with anyone representing themselves as iTunes without having these contact information.


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