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Many people, including music fans, find it difficult to promote their songs/videos; however, ituneplay is here to help. We have millions of subscribers on our platform, and ituneplay will ensure that your music reaches millions of people, including our subscribers.

We understand what it takes to make your songs/videos go viral, and we guarantee that your music career will never be the same again if you work with us today.


For guidelines and information on how to get your songs, videos online, contact us below.
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Ituneplay Promotional Packages

There are numerous packages available on our platform that will allow your song to go global.

This package will only be considered after your song has been uploaded to ituneplay; it will make your song a huge hit on ituneplay.

The list of packages is available by clicking the read more button below.

>>Audiomack Promotion

This package is for you if you want millions of streams/followers on your audiomack.

We’ve done it for a lot of artists, and we’ll do it for you as well.

>>Youtube Promotion

Youtube Ads are a better way to promote your music or videos to millions of Africans.

Every day, there are new videos and movies on the platform.

It’s extremely effective and an excellent way to get your content in front of potential fans.

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When you upload your music to us, we create a profile page for each artist where guests can read your bio and listen to your tracks and videos online.

Work with us and you will never be sorry; come let us showcase your song on our platform and you will undoubtedly experience the true effectiveness of internet promotion that you will not find anywhere else except on

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We provide several other promotional packages that will make your new song or the next one a big hit song. We also have a team of dedicated experts who can handle your promotion the way it should be handled to produce fantastic results

Remember, a good song is useless without good promotion! We have millions of fans both at home and abroad; let us help you easily get your song/video to millions of Africans around the world.


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Published on: November 19, 2022. at: 4:03 am

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