In a previous article, we discussed how to increase your Spotify streams and get your music into playlists. You can contact playlist curators directly using platforms like You can even make your own playlist. So you put together the best Spotify playlist in the world. You’re so excited about your work that you want everyone to see it. But, aside from a few friends, you have no more followers than when you started. What exactly is the problem? You created the “ideal” Spotify playlist… So, why isn’t anyone paying attention?

Spotify music promotion

One thing is to distribute your songs in digital music platform and another is to promote them in order to reach new audience.
Are you an artist who is struggling with low royalties/earnings on digital stores, or do you find it difficult to promote your song on Spotify, SoundCloud, or Apple Music due to a lack of followers?

You’ve come to the right place.

You must do the following:

  • Song playlisting on digital stores
  • Increasing stream engagement
  • Fanlink advertisement

We discovered the difficulties that some upcoming Artiste are facing in recent years and currently.

Low income due to low song engagement on digital stores has created a very good and quality service to reduce these difficulties, such as no poor streams, no lack of engagement, and so on.

Spotify Playlisting: With this package, your song will appear on official playlists.
Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee a specific number of streams, new fans, or interactions because it is entirely dependent on the quality of your music.

Our services are offered in three formats:

  • Silver: N30,000
  • Gold : N50,000
  • Platinum: N70,000

SILVER: Your song will be pitched to 50 active digital store playlists that match your Genre.
GOLD: Your song will be pitched to 75 active digital store playlists that match your Genre.
PLATINUM: Your song will be pitched to 100 active digital playlists.

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